The college also offers a number of Add-on-Courses which are UGC sponsored. Currently the college is running the following courses:

  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Repairing
  • Watershed Management
  • Bio-Fertilizers Production and Marketing
  • Library Science

The curriculum taught in the college integrates the information and Communication Technology (ICT) as per the nature and requirment of the subject/lesson taught.
The college also runs three one year compulsory certificate courses to further equip the students of the college. These certificate courses are foundation courses meant to make them ready to meet their futuristic goals and take the challenges of the life. For the first year BA/B.Com./B.Sc. students, there is a certificate on Computer Awareness, for second year students, there is a course on English Proficiency, and for the third year students, there is a certificate course on General Awareness.