Career Guidance Cell

Report 2008-2015

          A Career Guidance Cell is functioning in I.S.D.C. Allahabad since 2005 as a field agency of Allahabad University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau under the Career Master, Dr. Sheo Harsh Singh of the Department of Political Science of the College. The major areas of activity of the Career Guidance Cell are following :
A.      Information
B.      Career Guidance
C.      Employment
D.      Enhancing Employability
Under this information segment of its activity the Career Guidance Cell (C.G. Cell) disseminates throughout the year all the information available to it and useful to the students of all the faculties (B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com.) of the College regarding the career guidance as well as career and employment opportunities. The C.G. Cell works as a liasoning office between the College and the companies and firms which wish to visit the college either for holding an interface with the students or for symposia in the college or for interviews for employment and placement. The incharge of the cell looks into all the logistics such as fixing the convenient dates for interface, symposia and interviews arranging a suitable venue in the campus as well as duly notifying the students of all the faculties about the dates, venue and required preparations on their part for attending the above events. On the day any of the activities is actually held the career master makes it sure to be present throughout the event to oversee and coordinate it properly. The C.G. Cell also gets the above events and their outcomes properly published in the newspapers circulated in the city and elsewhere.
In order to give exposure to our students to the various career and employment opportunities available with various private and government companies of the nation and abroad. We ensure the largest possible participation of our students of all the streams in the Career Melas organized by the Allahabad University Employment, Information & Guidance Bureau. Two such Career Melas were held in the A.U. Campus in 2007 and 2010. In both of these around 200 students of I.S.D.C. participated and interacted with a range of national and international companies.
Under the career guidance segment of its activities the C.G. Cell arranges various symposia and workshops of companies/firms visiting the college. Apart from these the C.G. Cell also organizes the seminars/symposia and workshops on its own for the career guidance of the students of the college. During the past years the following firms visited the college to hold symposia for offering career guidance to our B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com. students :

  • IIBM, Allahabad [11/12/2012]
  • Career Launcher India Limited, Allahabad, [10/10/2012]
  • I.I.L.M. Academy of Higher Learning, Lucknow (approved by AICT, Ministry of H.R.D. Government of India) [17/12/11]
  • Mangalain Institute of Management, Allahabad [20/01/2011]
  • Frankin India Limited [22/11/2010]
  • Rays Insurance Marketing Private Limited, Allahabad [29/10/2009]
  • Jeevan Rakshak Life Multi Services, Lucknow [12/09/2009]
  • H.C.L. Career Development Centre, Allahabad [18/08/2009]

            (The date in the braces is date of symposium held in College Campus)

          In addition to the above symposia, the C.G. Cell of the College organized its own workshop on the subject – Employment opportunities and Recruitment in IT Industry – on 5 & 6 February, 2012. The Workshop was divided into four sessions which were addressed respectively by Professor Rajeev Tripathi, MNNIT, Allahabad, Professor Uma Shankar Tiwari, IIIT, Allahabad, Dr. Narendra Shukla, J.K. Institute, Allahabad, University and Professor K.K. Bhutani, Director, UPTECH, Allahabad.
The workshop proved a resounding success in view of the number of participant students and the volley of queries that followed each session of the workshop. More than 200 students of the College, University and other colleges of the city attended each session of the workshop and interacted keenly with the resource persons and they were awarded participation certificates as well. The activities of the workshop were very well reported by local and national newspapers on 6th and 7th February, 2012. (See Annexure 1)
Under the employment/placement segment of its activities the C.G. Cell liasons with various companies and firms for holding campus interviews for our final year students of B.A., B.Sc. and B.Com. for their placement in jobs. Among these Apex Laboratories Private Limited Chennai held several campus interviews for our final year students and selected about 25 students for their appointment on the post of Trainee Professional Service Representative. With Apex Labs the other companies which held interviews for placements in our campus are as under :

  • Apex Laboratories Private Limited, Chennai [16/10/2012, 01/12/2010, 02/12/2010] (See Annexure-2)
  • Shining Star India Pvt. Ltd. Civil Lines, Allahabad interviewed final year students of B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com for Aviation, B.P.O. in Finance and media sections [08/12/2012]
  • WIPRO Technologies [22/11/2010]
  • HCL for Computer Care Service. [02/12/2010]
  • Rays Insurance Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Allahabad held campus interviews for Assistant Business Development Manager (ABDM) and Insurance Sales Officer (I.S.O.) [29/10/2009] (See Annexure 3A & 3B)
  • Envisage Infotech for National and International Customer Care Service of Tech. Mahindra Ltd. and Voda Phone [21/10/2009]

Dates in the braces are dates of campus interviews.

  • Jeevan Rakshak Life Multi Services, Lucknow, a corporate Channel Partner of Life Insurance Corporation of India, Ltd. [12/09/2009] (See Annexure 4A & 4B)

          Under its 'Enhancing the Employability' scheme the C.G. Cell runs a Satuday Seminars Series for the students of all Streams. Under this segment of activities of C.G. Cell every week a student of any year and any stream prepares a paper either from his/her syllabus or on any relavent topic in guidance of the Career Master, Dr. Sheo Harsh Singh, then this student is made to present his/her paper before a large audience of students assembled usually in room No. 1 (The largest Hall in the college). After the presentation the query session follows therein the students from the audience field the their questions before the presenter of the paper. At first the student presenting the paper is made to assure the questions. But when he fails to answer or fails to answer properly, the Career Master is always there in order not to let any querry go unanswered or improperly answered. During this whole process, the career Master, unfailingly remains present there. Sometimes other teachers of the college are also present during such occasions.
This exercise of the C.G. Cell has proved very successful in shedding the shyness and enhancing the confidence of the students together with improving their language and vocabulary and honing their soft skills. This exercise has helped a great deal in enhancing the employability of the students. They now face their interviews in campus and elsewhere with more confidence and composure as well as with improved etiquettes and manners.
Every year 20-25 papers are presented by both boys and girls of all streams. Some of them present their paper in English. The experience tells that this exercise has enhanced the language proficiency confidence, vocabulary and soft skills of our students. The NAAC team which visited the college in 2008 spoke very highly of this activity of the college.