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About the Department

In view of the growing importance of Biochemistry both as a basic science as well as a broad based discipline in various aspect, Iswar Saran Post Graduate College, Prayagraj has started, and established the Department of Biochemistry in 2018 under self finance programme by the effort of our Principal Prof. Anand Shankar Singh. Anurag Mishra is the founder member of the department. Apart from University of Allahabad it is the only College in which a three year B.Sc.  (undergraduate) degree programme in Biochemistry is started. Currently there are two faculty members Anurag Mishra is the convener and Smriti Chaudhri is the faculty member of the department. This department is now working with high potentials in both field theory as well as practical to continue improving to the students in different areas. Different kinds of student oriented activities are organized in the department to enhance the skills of our students which  increasing the chances of various opportunities in the career growth.

There are 38 seats available for B.Sc. 1st year student with the following subject combination [Biochemistry+ Chemistry+ Botany or Zoology].


Faculty Profile


S.N. Name & Designation Qualification Specialization Research Area Contact Detailed Profile

Mr. Anurag Mishra

Faculty Member



Gene Polymorphism, Cancer, Homocystein Metabolism, Bone Diseases, and Nicotine Addiction  



Ms. Smriti Chaudhri

 Faculty Member

M.Sc. Biochemistry  




Academic Activities

All the faculty members are adept at handling ICT in classrooms and often employ multimedia in the presentation of lectures in their classrooms. Besides the lecture method of teaching, they also conduct group discussions, projects, assignments, monthly tests and annual internal assesment in their teaching-learning activities. The department often organizes special lectures by senior subject experts for the benefit of students. 

Academic Activities  Click here to Download

1. Debate Competition – 08/10/2021 : Avtivity Report & Media Coverage

2. Inter departmental participation 20/09/2019

3. Speech Competition - 24/09/2019



Workshop / Seminar



B.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry)


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