National Cadet Corps (NCC)

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During First World War, the British created University Officers’ Training Corps with an aim for second line of defence and also to have a large pool of trained youth available for employment into the Armed Forces. NCC in India was conceptualized and raised before independence, mainly with an aim to groom the youth, both boys and girls, to nurture them and channelize their energy towards nation-building by making them responsible citizens. After independence, the present day NCC came into existence on 16 April 1948, through XXXI Act of Parliament. NCC was formally inaugurated on 15 July 1948. The Girls’ Division of the NCC was raised in July 1949. On 01 April 1950, Air Wing was raised, with one Air Squadron each at Bombay and Kolkata. The Naval Wing of the NCC was raised in July 1952, thus completing the true representation of all services in the Corps. Following the 1962 India-China war, the NCC training was made compulsory in 1963. In 1968, the Corps was again made voluntary. Today, the NCC has an enrolled strength of more than 13.5 lakh cadets.

      The NCC Boys Senior Division (Army Wing) started in the institution from the year 1985, with 153 cadets. The College Unit (5/17 UP NCC COY.) attached to the 17 UP BN NCC, 8 Chaitham Line, Prayagraj. The NCC was started under the leadership of Dr. Paras Nath Mishra. He had undergone training at OTA Kamtee and was commissioned as an ANO with rank of 2/Lieutenant on 20.09.1986. After that Dr. S. P. Pandey took charge of ANO’s and provided his efficient leadership to the college unit for a long time. Capt. (Dr.) S. P. Pandey commissioned on 14.01.1993 and remained in-charge of NCC till 2019 (1993-2015 as ANO and 2017-2019 as Caretaker). After Dr. Pandey, Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Choudhary and Dr. Shailesh Kumar Yadav also held the post of ANO’s/ Caretaker for some time. At present, Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh, Department of Medieval & Modern History, is the ANO of the College Unit.  

            The college has the strength of 153 Cadets and has separate NCC office, store room and class room assigned to the NCC unit along with necessary items and huge ground within its premise for conducting regular activities like Drill, Cultural events, Games and other NCC programs. The college had received 6 UP Girls’ BN NCC in year 1996-1997 and after running properly till 2012-13, it couldn’t remain functional due to some technical issues. Efforts are also being made to restore girls’ Wing as soon as possible.

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