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About the Department

With the basic facilities, the Department of Psychology was established in the year 1970. From the establishment till the year 2008, The department was working in the guidance of Dr. N P Choubey. After that, many guest lecturer contributed to teaching, in which Dr. R.K.Srivastava, and Dr. Anjana Srivastava were main. In December 2017, two full time lecturer (Dr. Anjana Srivastava and Dr. Viveka Nand Tripathi) were appointed in the department.

            There is a fully equipped laboratory in the Department and two other classes are also available. One of which has been upgraded as a State-of-the-Arts class room. With the help of available information communication technology tools, teachers work to teach the subject matter in an interesting manner. In the psychology department laboratory, different types of experimental devices are available and there are also many types of psychological measurements and tests are available.

Faculty Profile

S.N. Name & Designation Qualification Specialization Research Area Contact Detailed Profile

Dr Anjana Srivastava

Assistant Professor


Learning Disability

Psycho Diagnostic and Theraputic

Language socialization (psychology)




Dr. Viveka Nand Tripathi

Ph.D. Biopsychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience



3. Dr. Madhu Ph.D. Applied Psychology Learning Disability, Psychology of Self madhuddu1981@gmail.com  

Academic Activities

Department of Psychology is a Department with Smart Class Facility. There is also a well-equipped laboratory in the department, which is available for studying the experimental aspects of psychology. in the Department teaching work is done by teachers with the help of state-of-the-art Information and communication tools. Special lectures and classes are organized from time to time in the department.

            Undergraduate Classes are being operated smoothly in the department at the present time. At present, 3-year graduate level classes are being conducted in the department.

B.A. 1st year students are taught in the first paper of psychology regarding the basic processes of human behaviour. In the second paper, the fundamental statistical processes used in psychology research are also addressed. In the practical paper, students are trained about the fundamental aspects of human behaviour through the experimental method, with the help of the tools available in the psychology laboratory.

            B.A. 2nd year students are imparted knowledge about the social aspects of human behaviour, and different types of abnormal human behaviour. In the Social Psychology paper, the major emphasis is on the humans’ social behaviour and psycho-social factors affecting that social behaviour. In second paper is taught about different aspects of diagnosis and treatment of abnormal human behaviour. In the Practical classes, students study social behaviour through social psychology experiments and the psychological testing procedure is taught for assessment and evaluation of normal/abnormal behaviour.

            B.A. 3rd year is considered a year of specialization in which students are given the opportunity to specialize in either clinical psychology or industrial and organizational psychology. In the clinical psychology paper, abnormalities related to school going children and factors that affect their abnormal behaviour are studied. In the other optional paper of industrial and organizational psychology, humans' behavioural dynamics are studied in industrial and organizational settings. Apart from this, in the second paper, the of different aspects of development of human behaviour is studied (through life-span approach). In the third paper students are also taught about various techniques of psychological research. In Practical Paper, students are taught about the development and construction of a scale for the study of one phenomenon related to the behaviour of the school going children in school settings and a survey work is also done using this measurement scale. In this paper, students are also taught about various methods of observation.

Best Practices :
Apart from academic actives, students are encouraged to participate in various cultural programs in addition to studies in the department. Weekly quiz and workshops are also organized. Many students of the department not only participate in various academic and non-academic activities at the college level and at the inter-college level but also win the awards.


Workshop / Seminar


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Master of Arts (M.A.)



Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


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