Iswar Saran Degree College

A Constituent PG college of University of Allahabad

College with Potential For Excellence, NAAC Accredited B+


Proctorial Board


Proctorial Board

According to University of Allahabad Ordinance XXXV Clauses 11a to e under Constituent Colleges. 'There shall be a Proctor in the college, who shall be appointed by the Governing Body on the recommendation of the Principal, from amongst the regular teachers of the college with a service of not less than ten years as a teacher, and shall hold office as such for a term of two years. The Proctor shall assist the Principal in the exercise of the powers vested in the Principal in respect of the discipline of the students of the college and disciplinary action against them and the Principal may delegate all or any of such powers, as he may deem proper, to the Proctor.
The Proctor shall be assisted by Assistant Proctors, who shall be appointed by the Principal on the recommendation of Proctor, from amongst the teachers of college, up to the number fixed by the Governing Body. The Assistant Proctors shall hold office for a term of two years. Presently the members of the Proctorial Board of the college are as follows :


Dr. Man Singh

 Chief Proctor

Department of Education



Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Chaudhary

Assistant Proctor

Department of Medievel and Modern History  



Dr. Amarjeet Ram

Assistant Proctor

Department of Hindi



Dr. Akhilesh Tripathi

Assistant Proctor

 Department of Political Science



Dr. Narendra Kumar Singh

Assistant Proctor

Department of Medievel and Modern History



Dr. Uday Pratap Singh

Assistant Proctor

 Department of Defence & Strategic Studies



Dr. Anurag Mishra

Assistant Proctor

Department of Physics 



Dr. Rajesh Verma

Assistant Proctor

 Department of Chemistry



Dr. Ruchi Gupta

Assistant Proctor

Department of Commerce 



Dr. Vijay Tiwari

Assistant Proctor

Department of English



Dr. Shiv Ji Verma

Assistant Proctor

Department of Commerce



Dr. Deepika Sharma Assistant Proctor Department of Law      


          The Proctorial Board consisting of above teachers from the faculty members of Arts, Science and Commerce faculties. The Board is very much conscious of maintaining law and order in the college campus, and also in enforcing the discipline among the students of the college. Proctors and Assistant Proctors do readily assist the Principal in his administrative functions and in maintaining peace and tranquility along with discipline in the college campus.
The other tasks like admissions, election of the students union and annual examinations are also taken in esteem by the proctor and his assistant proctors. The proctorial board remains ready to serve the institution in all times at the instance of the Principal.